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DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) coating is a type of hard coating often used in CNC milling applications. DLC coatings are known for their exceptional hardness and low friction, making them ideal for cutting tools and components subjected to high wear during CNC milling operations.

  • P/N: 03-0016704
  • Material: Stainless Steel,1.4301
  • Decription: Location Pin
  • Surface Finishing: Turning and DLC-coating
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    DLC coatings offer several advantages in the context of CNC milling:

    Wear Resistance: DLC coatings are known for their exceptional hardness and low friction, making them ideal for cutting tools and components subjected to high wear during CNC milling operations.

    Extended Tool Life: By applying DLC coatings to milling tools, the tool life can be significantly extended, reducing the frequency of tool changes and the associated downtime.

    Enhanced Surface Finish: DLC-coated cutting tools can produce smoother surface finishes on the milled workpieces, improving the overall quality of the final product.

    Reduced Friction and Adhesion: DLC coatings reduce friction and inhibit material adherence to the cutting tools, leading to improved chip evacuation and reduced built-up edge during milling operations.

    Thermal Stability: DLC coatings provide excellent thermal stability, reducing the heat generated during high-speed milling and preventing tool degradation due to thermal effects.

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    Die Casting Machining Parts

    Machining Operation Execution

    As the instructions of the CNC Machine, the CNC program submits the commands of tooling actions and movements to the machine’s integrated computer, which operates and manipulates the machine tooling to work on the workpiece. Programs start means the CNC machine starts machining processes, and the program guides the machine throughout the process to produce a custom-designed part. CNC machining processes can be executed in-house if the company has their own CNC equipment—or out-sourced to dedicated CNC machining service providers.

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