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Turning and CNC Machining Connecting Plate Part

Turned Parts

Turning and CNC Machining Connecting Plate Part

Both turning and CNC machining are essential processes in modern manufacturing, and they are often used in combination to produce high-quality components for various industries, including automotive, aerospace, and medical devices.


Welcome to provide drawings to customize the parts you want, we can achieve tolerances down to +0.001mm.


P/N: F03J161697


Material: 1.2085(X33CrS16)


Part Name: Connecting Plate


Services: Customized , OEM/ODM service, Machining service


Processing:Turning And Cnc Machining

    Machining Equipments:    

    1) CNC milling and turning, grinding, honing, lapping, broaching and other secondary machining.

    2) integral CNC machineries & four machining centers, such as milling, broaching, drilling, turning, planning, grinding machinery and three-axle machining centers.

    3) CNC Milling Machine 

    4) CNC Lathe Machine

    5) 4-axis machine