About Us

About Us

LongPan Co., Ltd. was established in 2017. Located in No. 3, Building B#, Xin Zhou Industrial, Xin He Area, Wan Jiang Street, Dongguan City, Guang Dong, China (Post Code: 523078) Since its inception, LongPan has been producing high precision machined parts for a lot of Industries, including Automobile, Medical, Railway as well as a wide variety of other parts with very tight tolerances and high precision. Under the guidance and supervision of Senior Engineer, we have infinite faith in providing High Quality CNC Machined Products, Die Casting and other Precision Parts.

In order to avoid customers' troubles of mold opening due to small batch, our company has a variety of profiles and molds with different specifications and sizes. With excellent quality, sincere service, reasonable price, advanced processing equipment and fine processing technology, it has been well received by customers.

With technology as the core and quality as the life, we will wholeheartedly provide you with quality products and meticulous service. On this basis, we are willing to actively cooperate with old and new partners, seek common development and create brilliant achievements together.

Enterprise Strength

Enterprise Strength

The main production machine includes over 10 sets of CNC Machine, like CNC Lathes, CNC Machining Center, NC Lathe Machine, Milling and Grinding Machine, Wire Cutting Machine etc. for production.

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Over 10 years co-operation experience with customer, we always adhere to the principle of providing customers with the best quality products on the basis of reasonable price.

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We control the product quality by combining "prevention" and "inspection", provide safe and reliable quality control technology for production, complete your entrustment.

Why choose us

As far as we know, the main reason for any valuable customer from different part of the world is looking for some best-cheapest products from the manufacturing center--China. Those who only care about price but ignore even the very basic reasonable quality may not have the interest in LongPan, because we insist to do business in a honest, reliable and reasonable way. It means that we should never be able to be win the simple price competition with those so-called flexible yet unregulated factories or traders, but we believe there are also enough reasons for you to consider cooperating with us, because we can offer you the following key points, which are very critical for international.

 We have over 10 years co-operation experience with customer.

 Deal with good company

To be big is not everything, to be famous is also not the whole story, only to be really good can support your long term business in a foreign country, which you mostly rely on the phone or computer to communicate with.

What LongPan do is whatever customer you are, big or small, as long as we reach a deal and start the business, we will keep words confirmed during the negotiation. It means we will keep a very close eye on the process to avoid any mistakes. Our team will carry on the agreed standard strictly to inspect the products before they deliver to the next step. What you get will be 100% the same as what you have seen and confirmed. 

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● Deal with the right people

Our people would always let customer know what we could do and what could not, we do every best to realize our company's commitment to you that: what you see and hear is what you get. We will be honest enough in case any problem occur during production, and communicate with you to figure out the solution together. We must confess there could always be questions or problems, but when we decide to work together we are in the same boat, so good business is always the result of good communication and mutual understanding.

 Fast response speed on RFQ, Delivery and Communication.

 “Do it right. Do it best.” is our company philosophy.


  • CNC Drilling Machine

    CNC Drilling Machine

  • CNC Machine

    CNC Machine

  • Lathe Heavy-duty Machine

    Lathe Heavy-duty Machine

  • CNC Milling Machine

    CNC Milling Machine

  • Sharpening Machine

    Sharpening Machine

  • Turret milling machine

    Turret milling machine